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by Bank Heist

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CV003 - Bank Heist - Salvation

Salvation is not suppose to tell a story, at least not in the way most contemporary story's would be told; the characters, settings, and events clearly laid out at the instruction of the author. Salvation is rather meant to be a vehicle for the listener to construct there own story at at the direction of the song.

I think of Virgil leading Dante through the inferno. Dante was ultimately in charge of his experiences and reactions, the conversations he had with the inhabitancy of the pit, but all the while he was still led by Virgil’s hand.

It's my hope that as people listen to this track they will invent their own story, fitting it to the twists and turns, the rises and falls of the music. In order for this to be possible listeners will have to set aside their inhibitions, and step into a time when space travel was still romantic, good still triumphs over evil, and the unknown is beautiful, rather than threatening.


released February 22, 2011



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