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This Thirsty Fountain

by The Parish Of Little Clifton

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This is a free download: www.mediafire.com?mrm9b5u6u4b9tze

"This Thirsty Fountain" is the powerful and moving new EP from The Parish Of Little Clifton. The follow-up to the LP, "Portia", this EP shifts shapes, and moves subtly between genres, while maintaining a cohesiveness that pulses throughout. This is the sound of limitless possibility and potential for this 20 year old producer.

In his own words:

It doesn't seem like long ago since "Portia" was released but it was close to a year ago now. Only a handful of singles and remixes have surfaced since the fall of 2011 but I think "This Thirsty Fountain" is my best work to date.

The record is dark and not really at peace with itself. There's intentional and accidental dissonance and ultimately this feeling of restlessness and introspection. Where "Portia' was about being a child I think "This Thirsty Fountain" is facing the fact that i'm beginning the decade that is my 20's and it's already more challenging then the last decade. It's frustrating to be at a place where you remember being more joyful as a child and wanting to get back to that but you can't and I think this album is the product of that inner conflict.

Although there are no lyrics I think it deals with this idea that I am always consuming or rarely ever satisfied. It's this image of this fountain that is so clearly for pouring out water, yet it's thirsty. I've felt very restless writing this record and i've had to just finish it to force myself out of a year long writer's block. It's literally the only 7 songs that i've finished in 12 months and I think it's very eclectic as a result of that.


released October 22, 2012



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