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City Ghosts


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CV002 - HAHA - City Ghosts (Single)
Release Date: 2/15/11

I think I want to start describing my music as experiential music. When I write music, I tend to stay away from pop formats of ABABCB. These formats are best suited for narrative, where I prefer tableau. I like to create an atmosphere that will provoke feelings, thoughts, and emotions. Specifically, my goal is to take you, the listener, on a journey to a spiritual place that I have already experienced.

With this said, let me attempt to explain where these two songs are coming from.

Side A is an attempt to convey a feeling of the unknown. This isn’t a paranormal unknown, but a very personal sense of the unknown. “City Ghosts” refers to that being whom you are so familiar with and yet unfamiliar with at the same time.

Side B is a tribute to the place where I grew up on Lake Huron. “Baie du Doré” is the bay situated just north of the nuclear power plant I grew up near where people often go to take pictures of both the lake, and the plant. The sample that runs through this song is reminiscent to the nuclear information videos we used to watch as kids while the music reminds me of the lake.

I would quickly like to thank Tanner Ganger (www.flickr.com/photos/tannergranger/) for doing the art for this 7”, as well as the whole Cultus Vibes family for being a huge encouragement during this whole process.

Web - whoishaha.tumblr.com
Email - whoishaha@gmail.com


released February 15, 2011



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